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A Deep Inner Peace

At long last, after many remarkable adventures in my life, I’ve come home to myself. I live with a deep inner peace that I only dreamed of in the past. Now I meet each of life’s challenges head-on knowing that after all I’ve been through I can handle “this one”.  

I’ve become a wise woman, a mentor, a spiritual midwife. Now I convene women’s circles – the very thing that was so life-changing for me. I help women see themselves for who they really are in the midst of all the demands on their time and attention. I get to watch them break free from their limiting beliefs and blossom! I get to see them create the life they want to live.  

It wasn’t always like this …

There was a time when I wasn’t so wise. I was really just sweet! I continually bent over backward for everyone else in my life and finally got worn out.  

I used to be a nun and in 1988 – my 20th year of service – I went down to the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas to teach English. I gave of myself until there was nothing left to give. I worked long hours, was living in heat and humidity and surrounded by incredible poverty.

This was a pattern for me – to give myself away. I never felt it was enough. I never felt I was good enough. Over the years I burned the candle at both ends planning and preparing to meet all the demands of my work.  

Whatever I was involved with, I gave and gave and gave … when I was teaching, when I was involved with social justice work, when I was working with the homeless, when I was working in the colonias of south Texas.  

Don’t get me wrong … this was all meaningful work. My life has had meaning. I’ve impacted countless people in my life. But it was at a big price, a huge cost. I nearly lost myself in the process. This left me physically and emotionally depleted. I ran out of energy. 

Finally, I realized the impact of all that giving on my body and on my spirit. I realized the toll it was taking. I realized that I couldn’t keep living like that.  

When I returned to the Bay Area in 1990 I thought I’d find work and get going again. But I didn’t. I absolutely hit a brick wall. For the first time in my life, I didn’t have the energy to DO anything.  

Up until that point I had always managed to carry on. I had been on a mission to save the world. My life had been headed in one direction, and I finally ran out of steam.

My Turning Point...

​When it dawned on me that I couldn’t keep living that way, I didn’t know what else to do. The turning point came when I was invited to join a women’s group. At first, I didn’t recognize the woman they reflected back to me. Slowly, I “got it” … my value as a woman comes from inside me – from who I am – not from what I do.  

I began to realize that I had to leave my religious community. I had to change my life … if I was to keep on living.  
In 1991, I slowly put one foot in front of the other as I recreated my life. I learned that I could be totally scared to death and keep moving forward. With a new sense of myself, I launched off into life again.  

Since I’ve always loved to dance, I took advantage of the opportunity to get training in movement-based expressive arts healing work. Then I started offering workshops for women to tap into their bodies’ wisdom. These sessions lead the way to amazing breakthroughs and insights for the participants.  

Serving from a Deep Centered Place

Now I can be of service … but from a centered place deep within me. Once I accepted this, all sorts of opportunities presented themselves again.  

For example, I was inspired to start facilitating book discussion groups after watching the worldwide webcasts of Oprah & Eckhart Tolle discussing his book, A New Earth. Together, we are learning how to “be here now” in our daily lives. I can see the positive energy from these groups going out in ever-wider ripples across the earth … crisscrossing ripples from other similar groups … creating a web of peace and light around our planet.  

This is a wonderful time in my life. I now enjoy a confidence and self-assurance that I didn’t have before. I’m more “in my skin” – more comfortable with myself. Each day I get to be myself. I get to live my passion – I get to help other women “recharge” so they can get on with their lives and thrive.  

One thing keeps leading me to the next. There’s no limit to what I may find myself involved with next! My life’s a journey of amazing twists and turns.

We women 50+ have so much to offer our families, our communities, and our world at this time of great change. But we can’t do it alone. Together we can make a difference.

How would you like your life to unfold?
What exciting things are ahead for you? 
What kind of support do you need at this time? 

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